PhD Openings

The group has an opening for 1 PhD position. If you are interested, get in touch with Alessio Lomuscio.

Postdoc Openings

We are currently recruiting for two Research Associate in Verification of Learning-enabled Cyber-physical Systems. This is a 4-year position starting as soon as possible.

Salary range: £36,800 to £44,220 per year.*

The Department of Computing at Imperial College London is a leading department of computer science, with a strong international presence in areas relevant to this position, such as verification, and artificial intelligence.

We are seeking to hire a Research Associate in the research group of Verification of Autonomous Systems, presently lead by Prof. Alessio Lomuscio. The group is active in the areas of verification of intelligent agents, both at a theoretical level and in terms of implementations, including the MCMAS toolkit which is developed and maintained in the group.

The goal of this project, funded by DARPA under the Trusted Autonomy Program, is to develop verification methods for autonomous agents and cyber-physical systems based on machine-learning. The techniques will initially target systems based on feed-forward neural networks and then progress to address more sophisticated networks. The project will include both a theoretical component with strong emphasis on SMT-solving, mixed-integer programming and verification techniques, as well as tool construction. All outputs of the project will be openly published and all software will be released as open-source. Applicants can refer to this paper as one of the starting points of this research direction.

Applicants are expected to have the following: - A strong background in either verification, SMT solving, or integer programming. - An understanding of neural networks and machine learning methods, or a strong willingness to learn these methods.

Good communication, excellent technical writing skills, and ability to prioritise work to meet deadlines is essential. A proven ability to program and maintain state-of-the-art toolkits is highly desirable but not essential.

Applicants are also expected to hold (or shortly expect to receive) a PhD degree in Computer Science or a related field and will have a proven track record with strong publications in relevant areas.

* Candidates who have not yet been officially awarded their PhD will be appointed as a Research Assistant within the salary range £32,380 to £34,040 per annum.

How to apply:
Please contact Alessio Lomuscio for more information on how to apply.

Masters Projects

For information on Masters projects we are currently offering, please check the Projects Portal. If you have a suggestion for a project relevant to our research area that is not listed there, get in touch with Alessio Lomuscio.